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Speers London has it's own factory, where over 100 specially skilled and trained craftsmen control all stages of production. Ensuring excellence of the performance of all its products and services in order to meet expectations and demands of the customers.
Speers London uses the finest cottons produced from Italian mills, with soft, luxurious hand and performance-driven fabrics. This combination exudes luxury, while maintaining a sophisticated, casual aesthetic. The fabrics used by our company are made using only certified yarn. We make sure that it contains no artificial additives, while the artisanal process of making our shirts guarantees meticulous attention to detail.
Speers London dedicates itself on it’s customer’s desires. With it’s well-educated staff; the company aims what will be the best fort he customers. It uses the long-year experinces to provide to the customers the best service. At the point that the experience meets the highest quality; the result is the pleasured faces
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Our partners have always appreciated us for our ready-to-wear shirt collections — but, owing to our own measuring techniques and unique manufacturing system, we became the experts on the shirting program that can easily comprehends the needs of customers from all over the world.
This unique experience combined with high quality products is the best explanation of Speers London.
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A passion for exceptional manufacturing, focused on the quality of materials, details and style, makes it possible to offer contemporary pieces that are always innovative. producing the finest shirts on the market to satisfy a desire for elegance, comfort and long-lasting wear.
This strong set of values define the company’s manufacturing and sales priorities, in terms of the care that goes into making the product and the level of service offered to both wholesale and retail customers. solid business principles that guide every facet of Speers London work.


SPEERS LONDON is an innovative, young company that specialises in the private label sector and licensed production for leading brand names. SPEERS London has focussed on the development and manifacture of high-quality men's business and casual shirts.